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Super Vacation USA
Super Vacation was established in 1981, provides airlines, hotel, tour packages, bus tours and bus charter services.
Super Vacation is now one of the largest and the most competitive travel agency and wholesaler in Los Angeles, California. We promised to provide the best product and the best service to every customer. All our tour guides speak Chinese and English fluently, and are highly trained professionals, who can make sure you have a wonderful journey. Read more »

Hot USA and Canada Destinations

  • Las Vegas tours and vacation

    Las Vegas tours and vacation
    Las Vegas is a must see as one of America's cultural highlights. You can enjoy yourself walking along the Strip, looking at the casinos, and occasionally trying your luck at one of the tables or slot machines.
  • Grand Canyon National Park vacation

    Grand Canyon tours and vacation
    The Grand Canyon is often considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Exploring the Canyon can be done by hiking, via guided mule, on a white-water rafting trip or camping on the floor of the Canyon.
  • Yellowstone National Park vacation

    Yellowstone tours and vacation
    Yellowstone is part of the most seismically active region of the Rocky Mountains and lies on a volcanic 'hot spot'. Yellowstone is well known for its hot springs & mud pots.
  • California Theme Parks tours

    California Theme Parks Tours
    California is known for its many world-class theme parks and amusement parks. Includes Disneyland, Six Flags, Universal Studios Hollywood and Legoland.
  • Niagara Falls tours and vacation

    Niagara Falls tours and vacation
    The Niagara Falls are the most powerful waterfalls in North America. The enormous energy of Niagara Falls has long been recognized as a potential source of power.
  • Canadian Rockies tours and vacation

    Canadian Rockies tours and vacation
    The Rocky Mountains (or the Rockies) are a major mountain range in western North America. Each season in the Rockies has its own special beauty and selection of activities.